Child Safety

Child Safety Policy

The Elyria Public Library welcomes and encourages children to visit the library. In today's world, the safety of children on Library premises is a serious concern.

  • Parents and caregivers are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children visiting the library.
  • Children under the age of eight years may not be left unattended.
  • The library recommends children eight and older be accompanied by a responsible adult. If the adult feels it is unsafe for the child to leave the building without supervision, the child should not be left alone.
  • Staff will not be placed in the position of supervising children, even for a very short time.
  • Parents/caregivers are responsible for their children's behavior.

Please refer to the Behavior Policy for appropriate behavior.

  • Parents/caregivers are responsible for the safety of their children on the Internet.
  • In the event that the parents or caregivers cannot be reached, the children will be placed in the care of the Elyria Police Department.