Book List

Fall 2023 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for fall of 2023, recommended by your EPL librarians. Download the printable list here.

Winter 2024 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for the winter of 2023, recommended by your EPL librarians. Download the printable list here.

December 2023

Better Than Revenge 
Adler, Elizabeth

The next glamorous, suspenseful beach read follows twin sister grifters whose next mark has just been murdered. 

Book: Gods and DragonsLove & War 
Antoinette, Ashley 
The feud between YaYa and Leah has ruined the lives of everyone around them. In The Prada Plan 4, the animosity is alive, and resentments run deeper than ever. 
Book: Son of SveaMurder at Haven's Rock 
Armstrong, Kelley 

Deep in the Yukon wilderness, a town is being built. A place for people to disappear, a fresh start from a life on the run. Haven’s Rock isn’t the first town of this kind, something detective Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton, know first-hand.

Book: Brown GirlsDead by Midnight
Barton, Beverly 
In the ten years since her Hollywood career imploded, Lorie Hammonds has built a good life in her Alabama hometown. When the first death threat arrives, she assumes it's a joke. Then she gets a second note. Sheriff Mike Birkett, her high-school sweetheart, has avoided Lorie since she returned to Dunmore, but when investigators uncover her connection to a string of recent murders, he's drawn into a case that's terrifyingly personal.
Book: BibliolepsyThe Wonder of It All 
Bradford, Barbara Taylor 
A rich and evocative saga of Britain as it races into the roaring twenties.
Book: The Stars Are Not Yet BellsClive Cussler the Serpent's Eye 
Burcell, Robin 
Husband-and-wife, treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo face a new action-packed, exciting adventure. 
Book: Bye Bye BabyDeadly Game 
Caine, Michael 
Meet DCI Harry Taylor, who has no respect for red tape or political reputations, but he's great at catching criminals. And he will need all his unorthodox skills to solve this deadly game. 
Book: Outcasts of the WildwoodManner of Death 
Cook, Robin 
Jack and Laurie must determine the manner of death after a pathology resident's suspicious suicide.
Book: The Last Mrs. SummersThe Gentleman's Gambit 
Dunmore, Evie 

Bookish suffragist Catriona finds herself playing host to her father’s distractingly attractive younger colleague, who isn’t quite what he seems. 

Book: The Girl Who Could Breathe Under WaterThe Other Mothers 
Faulkner, Katherine 
When a young nanny dies under mysterious circumstances near new mom Tash’s home, she is certain that this could be the story to relaunch her journalism career, but she’s led uncomfortably close to the mothers in her son’s playgroup.
Book: Her Hidden GeniusThe Fearless One 
Foster, Lori 
Memphis Osborn came to the Rockies to help his brother solve a problem…and stayed to stir up trouble. But when a mysterious woman piques his interest, soon her trouble becomes his. 
Book: Show Me the BunnyFive Bad Deeds 
Frear, Caz 
People have to learn there are consequences. Ellen Walsh has done something very, very bad. If only she knew what it was? 
Book: The Shattered SkiesGame On 
Glass, Seressia 

When an unexpected Player Two enters her life, a gamer must decide if their relationship is worth leveling up in this new romance. 

Book: Yinka, Where Is Your Husband?The Attack 
Griffin, W. E. B. 
A dead girl, a wealthy family, and drug use. It's a toxic mix that leads Philadelphia detective Matt Payne deep into an unexpected maelstrom of deceit and madness. 
Book: Good Rich PeopleThe Paris Notebook 
Harris, Tessa 
Katia Heinz is hiding a secret big enough to destroy the Fuhrer’s reputation, and Nazi spies have discovered her plan, and they will stop at nothing to silence her. 
Book: Find MeThe Mistress of Ashmore Castle 
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia 
Giles, the Earl of Stainton, has left behind his wife and infant son to return to Egypt. Can Kitty keep the castle from crumbling and save her marriage?
Book: Iron AnnieRed Handler
Harstad, Johan

A Riotous metafictional dissection of a "famous" Norwegian detective writer. 

Book: The Last House on the StreetOrbital
Harvey, Samantha 
An eloquent meditation on space and life on our planet through the eyes of six astronauts circling Earth in 24 hours.
Book: The Last House on the StreetCalling on the Matchmaker
Hedlund, Jody 

Finola has given up on love, but when her parents call in the local Irish matchmaker who pairs her with Riley, her usual tricks fail in sending him away. 

Book: The School for Good MothersThe Final Curtain 
Higashino, Keigo 
A confounding murder in Tokyo is connected to the mystery of the disappearance and death of Detective Kaga's own mother. 
Book: Hot and Sour SuspectsOn the Plus Side 
Howe, Jenny L. 
The new guest on a popular makeover show has her style―and her love life―transformed. 
Book: The BeholdenRift in the Soul
Hunter, Faith
Neil Ingram and her team face supernatural evil in the newest thrilling paranormal procedural. 
Book: A Stranger's GameThe Engagement Party 
Kane, Darby 
At an engagement party on a private island college friends gather, but when a dead man is found in the trunk of a car, past events begin to surface, and secrets are bartered. 
Book: A Killer SundaeA Winter by the Sea 
Klassen, Julie 

When the Duke and Duchess of Kent rent neighboring Woolbrook Cottage for the winter, the Summers sisters are called upon to host three of the royal couple's male staff in their seaside house. But they soon realize they've invited mysterious secrets and the sweet possibility of romance into their home

Book: Honey RoastedYours for the Taking 
Korn, Gabrielle 

A mesmerizing story of queer love, betrayal, and chosen family, and an unflinching indictment of corporate feminism. 

Book: The Magnolia PalaceValdemar 
Lackey, Mercedes 
Duke Kordas Valdemar must find a way to evacuate his people before the Emperor invades and strips Valdemar of everything of worth.  
Book: Getting His Game BackThe Wide World 
Lemaitre, Pierre 
A sweeping saga of one prominent French family in post-war Paris, Beirut, and Saigon—an electrifying novel of passion, greed, murder, and revenge. 
Book: A Three Book ProblemThe Fourth Rule 
Lindsay, Jeff 
The Cobra is a shadowy figure of international crime. And only one man can stop what’s about to happen: Sly and sharp-witted Riley Wolfe, the ultimate thief, fresh off the toughest escape of his life and looking for something new. 
Book:Mrs. MarchAfter Peru
Lish, Gordon
Gordon Lish is being blackmailed for a crime he committed as a child, so his wife, a forbidding figure 57 years his junior with ties to hush-hush government circles, steps in. 
Book: Murder on Prescott MountainAn Inconvenient Earl 
London, Julia 
When Emma Clark’s no-good husband leaves on an expedition and dies she does her best to keep it from his family so they don’t kick her out, but when the Earl of Marlaine shows up to give the grieving widow her deceased husband’s pocket watch her ruse begins to crumble. 
Book: Mermaid ConfidentialCoconut Drop Dead 
Matthews, Olivia 
Sleuth Lyndsay Murray is investigating the death of a reggae singer to make sure the real killer faces the music.
Book: Strangers I KnowThe Doom of Odin 
Oden, Scott 
As the Black Death rampages across Europe, two creatures of the Elder World clash over the rotting corpse of Christendom.
Book: Life FlightThe Academy 
Poyer, David 
In his final tour of duty after a remarkable career at sea, Dan Lenson is appointed Superintendent of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. 
Book: Cutthroat DogsLast Night
Rice, Luanne 

A breathtaking thriller about a family shaken by lies, vengeance, and a cold-blooded crime.

Book: Small WorldThe Jazz Club Spy 
Rich, Roberta 
A fresh and sweeping historical novel following a Jewish woman attempting to bring justice to her family on the eve of World War II. 
Book: Greenwich ParkThis Spells Love 
Robb, Kate 
A young woman tries to heal her heartbreak by casting a spell to erase her ex from her past, but she wakes up in an alternate reality where she’s lost more than she wished for. 
Book: Savage RoadDeath in the Dark Woods
Ryan, Annelise 

A potential Bigfoot sighting is linked to a vicious murder, but skeptical cryptozoologist Morgan Carter is on the case. 

Book: The Mitford VanishingThe Life I Stole
Scott, Nikola
Isobel McIntyre is a doctor-in-training at a London teaching hospital. It's not easy being a woman working in medicine. And Isobel carries the additional burden of a shocking secret. 
Book: Crimes and CoversLost Hours
Shelton, Paige
Beth Rivers is starting to feel at home in Alaska when two kidnappings occur, and she and Police Chief Gril can't help but think they are connected. 
Book: A Heart AdriftMurder Crossed Her Mind 
Spotswood, Stephen 
New York's famed female detective duo, Pentecost and Parker, are back in their fourth audacious adventure
Book: SeoulmatesCity of Betrayal 
Thompson, Victoria 

Elizabeth Bates' latest con just might change the course of history. 

Book: Much Ado About a LatteWhere the Dead Wait 
Wilkes, Ally 

An eerie, atmospheric Polar Gothic following a Victorian explorer in search of his lost shipmate and his own redemption.

Book: One Step Too FarTechnically Yours 
Williams, Denise 

Eight years ago, he fell in love with a stranger he couldn’t have—today, she’s back in his life, and the sparks between them threaten to set her career on fire.