Book List

Fall 2021 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published from October through December recommended by your EPLS librarians. Download the printable list here.

Winter 2022 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published from January through March recommended by your EPLS librarians. Download the printable list here.

December 2021

Book: Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures
Adams, Michelle
A reunited couple search for a valuable treasure, a precious jewelry box, stolen from the Nazis and hidden away since World War II, in this romantic novel of rekindled love.
Book: Better Than Revenge Better Than Revenge
Adler, Elizabeth
Twin sisters, professional grifters who con rich men. When one of them falls in love with their next mark, and he then winds up dead, their way of life becomes threatened.
Book: A Duke Laid Bare A Duke Laid Bare– (Book 2 in the Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde Series)
Allen, Susanna
The Prince Regent forces the Duke of Osborn to marry the widowed Marchioness of Castleton to keep their shapeshifting a secret.
Book: Sea Hawke Sea Hawke– (Book 12 in the Alex Hawke Series)
Bell, Ted
Alex Hawke is sailing into trouble when an around-the-world journey becomes a fight against terror.
Book: The Women of Troy Of Mutts and Murder
Blake, Bethany
When Daphne's father's business partner downs some poisoned chili on Memorial Day weekend, another kind of memorial is in the cards.
Book: The Witching Tree The Witching Tree
Blanchard, Alice
Burning Lake is a small town with a dark history. Now, a modern-day witch has been murdered, and Detective Natalie Lockhart is drawn deep into the case.
Book: The Sorority Murder The Sorority Murder
Brennan, Allison
A college senior's podcast delves into an unsolved campus murder of a popular sorority girl, with individual callers exploring facts previously thought to be true.
Book: Neptune Death and the Brewery Queen – (Book 12 in the Kate Shackleton Series)
Brody, Frances
A competition for the crown proves deadly when confidences are betrayed and secrets are spilled.
Book: The Sunshine Club The Sunshine Club
Brown, Carolyn
The Sunshine Club is back in business and Gussie and Mary are going to make sure that Blanche’s niece, Sissy, is getting matched up with the local preacher.
Book: Foundation of Love Foundation of Love – (Book 1 in the Amish Legacy Series)
Clipston, Amy
An Amish widower with three grown sons discovers that another chance at love may be waiting for him.
Book: The Untold Story The Untold Story – (Book 8 in the Invisible Library Series)
Cogman, Genevieve
Time-traveling Librarian spy Irene will need to delve deep into a tangled web of loyalty and power to keep her friends safe, and discover if Alberich is her father.
Book: Sharpe’s Assassin Sharpe’s Assassin – (Book 22 in the Sharpe Series)
Cornwell, Bernard
Sharpe is back. Outsider. Hero. Rogue. And the one man you want on your side.
Book: Honey Roasted Honey Roasted – (Book 19 in the Coffeehouse Series)
Coyle, Cleo
Clare Cosi is busy as a bee planning her honeymoon when murder buzzes into the Village Blend.
Book: The Maze The Maze – (Book 8 in the John Corey Series)
DeMille, Nelson
Detective John Corey who is called out of retirement to investigate a string of searing, grisly murders that take place a little too close to home.
Book: Head Shot Head Shot – (Book 2 in the Marko Zorn Series)
Eskin, Otho
The Most Elusive Assassin in the World Versus D.C. Homicide Detective Marko Zorn.
Book: Observations by Gaslight Observations by Gaslight
Faye, Lyndsay
A new collection of Sherlockian tales that shows the Great Detective and his partner, Watson, as their acquaintances saw them.
Book: Annihilation Road Annihilation Road – (Book 6 in the Torpedo Ink Series)
Feehan, Christine
The Torpedo Ink riders of Sea Haven have a lot more coming for them than they anticipated in this new novel, full of heat, danger, and thrill rides.
Book: London Bridge is Falling Down London Bridge is Falling Down – (Book 20 in the Bryant & May Series)
Fowler, Christopher
It's time to celebrate Bryant and May's 20th anniversary as their most lunatic case yet brings death and rebirth to London's most peculiar crimes unit
Book: Renewed for Murder Renewed for Murder  – (Book 6 in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery Series)
Gilbert, Victoria
Librarian Amy Webber dances with death.
Book: An Amish Quilting An Amish Quilting
Gray, Shelley Shepard
A collection of stories by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Shelly Shepard Gray.)
Book: Rogue Asset Rogue Asset – (Book 9 in the Presidential Agent Series)
Griffin, WEB
The secretary of state has been kidnapped by Islamic extremists and his only hope for survival is a reconstituted Presidential Agent team.
Book: Bright Burning Things Bright Burning Things
Harding, Lisa
An emotional tour-de-force—a devastating and nuanced look at an addict’s journey towards rehabilitation and redemption.
Book: Flame Flame – (Book 20 in the Steel Brothers Saga)
Hardt, Helen
Are you missing the Steel Brothers? Are you yearning for more? Welcome to the next generation!
Book: Silent Parade Silent Parade – (Book 4 in the Detective Galileo Series)
Higashino, Keigo
A complex and challenging mystery—several murders, decades apart, with no solid evidence.
Book: Curse of Salem Curse of Salem – (Book 20 in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series)
Hooper, Kay
When Hollis Templeton and Diana Hayes receive a warning about a killer stalking Salem it is up to the Bishop and his elite crime unit to uncover a curse.
Book: Boy Underground Boy Underground
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
During WWII, a teenage boy finds his voice, the courage of his convictions, and friends for life.
Book: Proposing Mischief Proposing Mischief – (Book 2 in the Joplin Chronicles Series)
Jennings, Regina
When Boone makes Maisie a proposal that he hopes will overhaul his family business, it instead throws the town of Joplin into chaos!
Book:The Replacement Wife The Replacement Wife
Kane, Darby
A thrilling domestic suspense novel that asks, how many wives and girlfriends should disappear before your family notices?
Book: The Ballerinas The Ballerinas
Kapelke-Dale, Rachel
Explore the complexities of female friendship, the dark drive towards physical perfection in the name of artistic expression, the double-edged sword of ambition and passion, and the sublimated rage that so many women hold inside––all culminating in a twist you won't see coming, with magnetic characters you won't soon forget.
Book: The Last Dance of the Debutante The Last Dance of the Debutante
Kelly, Julia
It’s 1958, the last year that debutante’s will curtsey to the Queen, and to please her mother Lily Nichols agrees to do the season, but in doing so she learns a devastating secret that could destroy her entire family.
Book: Beasts of a Little Land Beasts of a Little Land
Kim, Juhea
Set against the backdrop of the Korean independence movement, the story follows the intertwined fates of a young girl sold to a courtesan school and the penniless son of a hunter.
Book: Shadows of Swanford Abbey Shadows of Swanford Abbey
Klassen, Julie
When a famous author is found dead Rebecca Lane becomes a suspect, and when the man who broke her heart years ago becomes lead investigator he is torn between his growing feelings and his pursuit of the truth…for Miss Lane is clearly hiding something.
Book: True Crime Story True Crime Story
Knox, Joseph
Seven years ago Zoe Nolan walked out of a party and was never seen again. Now Evelyn Mitchell finds herself drawn into the mystery asking crime writer Joseph Knox to help.
Book: The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley – (Book 16 in the Elemental Masters Series)
Lackey, Mercedes
While traveling in Germany with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Annie discovers she is an Air Elemental, and now not only has she got her gun, it’s filled with silver bullets.
Book: This Day This Day – (Book 2 in the 365 Days Series)
Lipinska, Blanka
The steamy and thrilling story of Laura and Massimo continues in this unputdownable sequel to the international bestseller 365 Days.
Book: What the Cat Dragged In What the Cat Dragged In  – (Book 2 in the Whitman Street Cat Café Series)
McMurray, Kate
When Paige and Josh are paired up helping to capture feral cats the sparks begin to fly, but is it going to wreak havoc on their friends and family?
Book: All We Ask is Trust All We Ask is Trust – (Book 4 in the Secret Society Series)
Celess and Tina have the looks and bodies to keep them from ever paying for anything, but they also share a devastating secret that will take all their street smarts to survive.
Book: The Cat Who Saved Books The Cat Who Saved Books
Natsukawa, Sosuke
An enthralling tale of books, first love, fantasy, and an unusual friendship with a talking cat.
Book: Tell Me How to Be Tell Me How to Be
Patel, Neel
After her husband’s death Renu decides to sell her home and her son Akash comes home to help. As their pasts catch up to them they must decide between the lives they lived and the new ones they have created.
Book: Family Business Family Business – (Book 14 in the Bill Smith, Lydia Chin Series)
Rozan, S.J.
The death of a powerful Chinatown crime boss thrusts private eye Lydia Chin and her partner Bill Smith into a world of double-dealing, subterfuge, murder, and real estate.
Book: Murder at the Castle Murder at the Castle – (Book 2 in the Iris Grey Series)
Shaw, M.B.
Painter (and amateur sleuth) Iris Grey enters a world of buried secrets, village gossip, family feuds, and murder.
Book: Dark Night Dark Night – (Book 3 in the Alaska Wild Mysteries Series)
Shelton, Paige
Winter has fallen in Benedict, Alaska, and with it comes unexpected visitors, murder, and the disappearance of yet another author in the lower forty-eight.
Book: Where You Come From Where You Come From
Stanisic, Sasa
A novel about a village where only thirteen people remain, a country that no longer exists, a shattered family that is his own.
Book: Sing Her Name Sing Her Name
Story, Rosalyn
The story of two musically gifted women whose lives overlap across the boundaries of time.
Book: The Finder of Forgotten Things The Finder of Forgotten Things
Thomas, Sarah Loudin
After promising a town he'd find them water and failing, Sullivan Harris is on the run; but he grows uneasy when one success makes folks ask him to find other things--like missing items, or sons. When men are killed digging the Hawk's Nest Tunnel, Sully is compelled to help, and it becomes the catalyst for finding what even he has forgotten--hope.
Book: City of Shadows City of Shadows – (Book 5 in the Counterfeit Lady Series)
Thompson, Victoria
Con artist Elizabeth Bates is asked to con a con artist to save her friend and her mother from financial ruin at the hands of a shady medium.
Book: Saving Ruby King Saving Ruby King
West, Catherine Adel
When Ruby King’s mother is murdered her friend Layla is the only one who understands the jeopardy Ruby is in and is the only one who can help her break free from a legacy of trauma.
Book: Safecracker Safecracker
Wick, Ryan
Safecracker Michael Maven must pull off the most dangerous theft of his long career--or his friends and family will be killed.