Library Card Registration



Library users must be registered in order to borrow materials from the library.  The registration enables the Library to contact cardholders to notify them about reserves or delinquent items.

 Required information for registration includes name, address, and signature.  Additional information including telephone number and email address is requested but not mandatory.  Social Security numbers will not be collected.  Date of birth is required for all children’s cards as the system will automatically update to an adult card on the child’s ­13th birthday.  A parent’s signature is required on a library card application for any juvenile below 7th grade.


  1. Regular Library Card

Any person is eligible to register for a library card providing the patron can verify their identity with a current photo ID.  Acceptable forms of photo identification include a valid Ohio driver’s license or state identification card, school or business ID badge, etc.  These may be combined with printed checks or a current utility bill to verify address.  Parents or legal guardians may apply for a minor child using the same process but will be advised they are legally responsible for all items borrowed by a minor child.  A cardholder will be able to check out materials from any Clevnet library.

  1. Ecard

EPLS Ecards are virtual cards that allow patron access to all of our remotely accessible electronic resources including online resources and databases, downloadable eBooks, audio, video and music and computer access to all EPLS locations.  All of these resources are exempt from fines.

You do not need an Ecard if you have a regular EPLS card.  Your regular library card allows you all of the benefits of an Ecard along with access to all of our physical items available for checkout.

It is required that all local patrons (Ohio residence) log on to computers with a library card or an Ecard.  Guest passes will only be available to non-Ohio residents.

Eligibility requirements:

  • My permanent residence is Ohio
  • I own property in Ohio
  • I currently live in Ohio while attending school this semester
  • I currently commute to my workplace in Ohio most days


  1. Greater Access Card

Allows cardholder to checkout materials from any Clevnet or Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL).  If the Greater Access Card was originated at a Clevnet library, it must also be activated at a CCPL library.  If the card was originated at a CCPL library, it must be activated at a Clevnet library.

Registration is the same as a Regular Card.


  1. Institutional Card

Cards may be issued in the name of a corporation, institution, school, classroom, preschool, organization, etc.  the signatory for the organization will be the contact person and will be responsible for assisting with collection of charges due to lost items. 

There is a limit of twenty-five (25) items.

  1. Pick Six (and more!)

Children under the age of seventeen (17) are eligible for Pick Six (and more!) Card.  A parent or legal guardian’s signature is required, but the adult does not have to be present to complete the application.

Rules for Pick Six (and more!) Card:

  1. Card is only good at EPLS locations.
  2. Not valid for reserves or other libraries’ materials.
  3. Available to children from Kindergarten to age 16.
  4. Card will expire on the child’s 16th birthday.
  5. 6 book limit; only juvenile and Young Adult titles.
  6. Only AV materials from the Youth Services Department.
  7. Discretion will be used for students needing Adult items for school projects.
  8. Does include computer access in the Children’s or Teen Department only.
  9. Patrons will be charged for lost or damaged items.
  10. Cards will be renewed every three (3) years unless the child ages out in which case, they will need to apply for a regular card.


Circulation Rules for all Card Types:

  • No person may be registered for more than one personal active library card.  Duplicate active cards will be deleted.
  • In the case of an existing child’s card with lost items, the card will be suspended, and a Pick Six (and more!) Card (formerly 3 For Me Card) may be issued as a “second chance.”
  • Patron is responsible for maintaining current contact information on file with the Library.  Changes in address, phone number and/or email should be reported promptly (excludes Ecard).
  • There is no charge for replacement cards or updating patron information.
  • The patron is responsible for all items checked out on their card.  Lost items will be charged at the replacement cost (excludes Ecard).
  • If the card is lost or stolen, the Library should be notified as soon as possible to avoid being charged for any items checked out by an unauthorized user (excludes Ecard).
  • Card privileges will be suspended if fee limit is exceeded (excludes Ecard).
  • Cards must be updated every three (3) (excludes Ecard).
  • Items are considered lost after forty-five (45) days from due date (excludes Ecard).


Updated and approved by Board of Trustees on January 10, 2022.
Amended on June 13, 2011, effective on July 1, 2011.
Revised on March 13, 2006.
Approved by Board of Trustees on June 9, 2003