Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement |Offering unlimited possibilities of lifelong learning for all. 

Vision | The Elyria Public Library System will always offer free resources with unlimited possibilities for every person in the community which it serves. 

Values |

We value our customers and strive to:

  • Treat them with courtesy and respect, always maintaining confidentiality
  • Provide fair and equitable access to information

We value the people who work with us and strive to:

  • Create an environment of teamwork and participation
  • Encourage the expression of ideas
  • Be a learning organization providing continuing education for all
  • Treat each other with courtesy and respect
  • Celebrate achievements

We value diversity and strive to:

  • Recognize and celebrate the differences that strengthen our community and our library
  • Identify and respond positively to the differing needs of our communities and our individual customers
  • Pursue diversity in the recruitment and development of staff

We value cooperation and strive to:

  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with others in the community
  • Build and maintain partnerships to enhance resources
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate within the organization

We value innovation and strive to:

  • Identify and adopt technology which enhances services
  • Examine new ideas for relevance to library service
  • Embrace constructive change

We value responsible use of public funds and strive to:

  • Manage public resources with full accountability
  • Seek alternative sources of income to ensure sustainability                

We value the library’s role as a community gathering place and strive to:

  • Maintain safe, clean and welcoming facilities
  • Provide meeting space for the community
  • Promote civic and cultural engagement in the community
  • Promote the responsible use of energy and the reduction of waste