Outreach services include preschools and retirement homes The Library is not just located within our buildings' walls. With our Outreach Department, let the Library come to you! This department's services are detailed below.

Book Bundles | Request a monthly book bundle delivery! A librarian will select books for you on a subject of your choice for your students, and the books will be delivered straight to your school.

Home Delivery | Request home delivery of library materials to residents unable to leave their home on a temporary or permanent basis. Patron must reside within the Elyria or Keystone-LaGrange School Districts. Eligible patrons can receive up to ten library items in each monthly delivery. Fill out the application and email to the Outreach Department. Materials that can be requested are:

  • Books
  • Movies/TV Shows
  • Music
  • Audiobooks 

During the pandemic, we are expanding our home delivery services to include at-risk senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals on a temporary basis while the need for social distancing remains in effect.

Institutional Cards | Request an institutional card for your school or organization, which would not leave teachers or employees personally responsible for lost materials.

Organization/School Book Groups | Contact us if your facility is interested in a book group of their own, and we can assist you.

Storybook Strolls | Exercise your mind and body! Follow the path or trail at each location and follow along with the story.

LaGrange Community Park   Children's Nature Discovery Trail at Carlisle Reservation   Penfield Recreational Park   South Library
422 W. Main St. LaGrange, Ohio   12882 Diagonal Rd. LaGrange, Ohio   40756 St. Rt. 18 Wellington, Ohio   340 15th St. Elyria, Ohio
Book: Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter   Book: First Snow   Returning Spring 2022   Returning Spring 2022
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter   First Snow        
by Kenard Pak   by Paul McCarty          


If you are interested in any of these services, contact the Outreach Department at 440-324-9831 or email outreach@elyrialibrary.org.